A Crisis Is Upon Us. We Must Fight or we will Perish.

America is in a crisis phase. Once every 84 years or so, our nation, like all societies in the world, enters a crisis phase. During this phase, all of the unresolved issues and bad choices of the past decades explode. The society can no longer ignore these problems and has to deal with them. During a Crisis, things can change very quickly and resolution can come quickly. The ways in which a society addresses and solves Crises have implications for generations to come. There is no guarantee that a crisis will end well.

During this Crisis, America has to confront the destruction of our society and our families by radical feminism. This all began in the early 1960's and has culminated in a dysfunctional, directionless society whose children have not had the benefit of being raised in normal families where the mother stays at home and takes care of the children, while the man goes out and earns a living to provide for the family. This organic arrangement was disrupted by feminism and is the biggest issue we have to face. The family unit is the building block of a good, moral society. Without the Family, no society can have direction and purpose. There can be no national unity, since that begans with the unity of the Family. Feminism has destroyed the family and this unity. Unless we defeat feminism, our society will perish.

The term "Fourth Turning" is from a book of that title by William Strauss and Neil Howe. This book describes the cycles of history a society goes through over the course of 84 or so years. Please read it to familiarize yourself with the generational cycles that are present in our (and all) societies. For about 15 years, a discussion forum has existed to discuss generational theory and what our society is and will go through during the Crisis. It is populated mostly by liberals, but some conservative are able to post. However, the nuclear third rail is apparently any discussion of how radical feminism is the key danger to our nation.

On December 30, 2015, I posted a thesis about this on one of the discussion boards and was banned from the site for doing so. These hypocrites who supposedly care about free speech only apparently allow it when it agrees with them, or is ineffectual opposition. Apparently I hit a nerve.

Because this topic is so important to our nations survival, very soon, this website will host a free and open discussion about how we can direct our society towards a resolution of the Crisis so that our nation can once again have another saeculum of progress and success. This is no longer possible at FourthTurning.com because they are afraid of the subject and will not permit it to be discussed. Note that while the discussion will not be censored like on FourthTurning.COM, it will not allow arguments against the fact that 1. Feminism has destroyed our country's foundation and 2. Feminism is the number one threat to our future survival and 3. We must direct our society towards a resolution of the Crisis by defeating radical feminism. To allow a denial of these facts would be like wasting time arguing over "2 + 2 = 4".

Here is what will happen next: The forum will be set up, it will be seeded the proofs of the 3 Main Factual Tenents listed above, a discussion framework will be set up, and the forum will be open for participation. Please note that this may take several months, as it needs to be done correctly. Thank you in advance for your patience .


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